AVR R450

SX460 self excited brushless type genset voltage regulator is a compatible replacement for Newage Stamford Sx460.

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Main features:

1、Voltage regulation < ±1%.
2、Soft start voltage ramping.
3、Sensing voltage loss protectionExcitation Adjustment Functions.
4、120 or 240VAC sensing, jumper selectable.
5、Under frequency roll off protection.
6、With under frequency LED indicator.
7、can be copper jumper settings to suit different power generators
8、 prominent features: a stable exchange circuit provides an adjustable negative feedback inhibition of components including the prevention of damage to the sub-loop voltage spikes AVR components and reduce the amount of noise in the generator terminals.
9、the selling point: a low-pass filter to prevent the distortion of waveforms affect the operation of the AVR.

The definition of the different colors:

1、which is the meaning of three colors: red for Stanford’s early products, the use of capacitor WIMA, the quality is very good. Blue indicates the latter product, capacitor EPCOS, the quality is also good. Gray is the last two years before that, the capacitance of AV, and the packaging is different.
2、due to different capacitors, the price will be different
3、although prices vary, but the quality is the same. But some maintenance staff always feel better in red, red is also the most expensive.

Operating voltage range: 150 ~ 265 V
The maximum current is: 4A