Speed Control GAC ESD5500E

The PER5500E/5520ESeries speed control unit is an all electronic device designed to control engine speed with fast and precise response transient load changes.

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The PER5500E/5520ESeries speed control unit is an all electronic device designed to control engine speed with fast and precise response transient load changes.

  • *ESD5520E is designed for EFC series.
  • *Isochronous Operation/Steady Stability—- +/-0.25% or better
  • *Supply—-12 or 24 VDC Battery Systems(transient&reverse voltage protected)
  • *Power Consumption—-50 ma continuous plus acutator current
  • *Maximum Actuator Current at 25celsius (77celsius F)—-10 Amps continuous 
Input Supply 12 or 24 VDC Battery System (Transient and Reverse Voltage)
Polarity Negative Ground (Case Isolated)
Power Consumption 50 ma continuous plus actuator current
Actuator Current Range @ 25 Deg. C – (Inductive Load) Min.2.5 Amps; Max. 10Amps continuous
Speed Sensor Signal 0.5-120 Volts RMS
Performance Isochronous Operation/Steady State Stability ±0.25% or better
Speed Range/Governor 1K to 7.5K Hz continuous
Speed Drift with Temperature ±1 Max
Idle Adjust CW 60% of set speed
Idle Adjust CCW Less than 1200 Hz.
Droop Range 1-5% regulation
Droop Adj. Max. (K-L Jumpered) 400 Hz., ±75Hz. Per 1.0A change
Droop Adj. Min. (K-L Jumpered) 15Hz., ±6Hz. Per 1.0A change
Speed Trim Range ±200 Hz
Remote Variable Speed Range 500 – 7.5 Hz. Or any part there of
Terminal Sensitivity J 100 Hz., ± 15Hz / Volt @ 5.0 K Impedance
Terminal Sensitivity L 735 Hz., ±60 Hz / Volt @ 65 K Impedance
Terminal Sensitivity N 148 Hz., ±10 Hz / Volt @ 1 Meg. Impedance
Terminal Sensitivity P 10 VDC Supply @ 20 ma Max
Environmental Ambient Operating Temperature Range -40 to +85 Deg. C
Relative Humidity Up to 95%
All Surface Finishes Fungus Proof and Corrosion Resitant
Reliability Vibration 1G at 20 to 100 Hz.
Testing 100% Functionally Tested


The Generator Speed Controller ESD5500E Series Speed Control Unit is rugged enough to be placed in a control cabinet or engine mounted enclosure with other dedicated control equipment. If water, mist, or condensation may come in contact with controller, it should be mounted vertically. This will allow the fluid to drain away from the speed control unit.


Isochronous Operation/Steady State Stability  ± 0.25% or better    
Speed Range/Governor  1K-7.5K Hz continuous   
Speed Drift with Temperature  ± 1% Maximun   
IDLE Adjustment  160 ± 20Hz ~ 60% of set speed   
Droop adjustment Min.(K-L Jumpered)  15Hz. ± 6Hz. per 1.0 A change    
Droop adjustment Max.(K-L Jumpered)  400Hz. ± 75Hz. per 1.0 A change   
Droop Adj. Max. (K-L Jumpered)  875Hz., ± 75Hz. per 1.0 A change   
Droop Adj. Min. (K-L Jumpered)  15Hz., ± 6Hz. per 1.0 A change   
Speed Trim Range  ± 200Hz.   
Remote Variable Speed Range  500 -7.5Hz. or any part thereof   
Terminal Sensitivity  J: 100Hz., ± 15Hz/Volt @ 5.0 K Impedance   
L: 735Hz., ± 60Hz/Volt @ 65 K Impedance   
N: 148Hz., ± 10Hz/Volt @ 1Meg. Impedance   
P: 10V DC Provide @ 20ma Max.   
Speed Switch Adjustment Range  1000-10000Hz.   
Ambient Operating Temperature Range  -40°c to +85°c    
Relative Humidity  up to 95%   
Storage Temperature  -55°c ~ 90°c   
Shock  20-100HZ 500mm/Sec.   
Provide  12 or 24V DC Battery Systems(Transient and Reverse Voltage Protected)   
Polarity  Negative Ground(Case Isolated)   
Power Consumption  50mA continuous plus actuator current   
Actuator Current Range @ 25°c-(Inductive Load)  Min. 2.5 Amps, Max. 10 Amps continuous   
Speed Sensor Signal  0.5-120 V RMS   
Speed Switch Relay Contacts(N.O.and N.C.)  10Amp   
Weight  650g   


Note: The performance parameters in the frequency when measuring 4000Hz