MX321 3 Phase Sensing Permanent Magnet Generator type voltage regulator is a compatible replacement for Newage Stamford MX321.

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Main features:

  1. Voltage regulation < ±0.5% RMS
  2. For use in parallel operation
  3. RAMP, DIP, DWELL, DROOP, RMS, U/F, Over Voltage & Over Excitation Adjustment Functions
  4. Over Exc. / Over Volt. & UFRO LED indicators
  5. Maximum. Current limiting function

AVR adjustment ( adjusted at the factory , the user only when necessary, adjusted as follows ) :

  1. A voltage regulator such as the output voltage does not match the voltage adjustment potentiometer clockwise , the output voltage increases ; and vice versa .
  2. Frequency setting the engine speed adjusted 47HZ, UFRO potentiometer counterclockwise rotation , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , can be transferred back to the engine speed .
  3. Overcurrent less excited at the rated power of the generator , the rotating field trip potentiometer counterclockwise , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , and then rotated about 5 degrees to shun .
  4. Counterclockwise rotation overvoltage overvoltage adjustment potentiometer , so that the indicator light-emitting diodes , and then rotated clockwise about 5 degrees.

The definition of the different colors :

  1. This is the meaning of three colors : red for Stanford ‘s early products , the use of capacitor WIMA, the quality is very good. Blue indicates the latter product , capacitor EPCOS, the quality is also good . Gray is the last two years before that , the capacitance of AV, and the packaging is different.
  2. vary the capacitance , the price is different
  3. Although prices vary , but the quality is the same. But some maintenance staff always feel better in red , red is also the most expensive .


  1. Operating voltage range: 150 ~ 265 V
  2. The maximum current is: 6A
  3. DROOP: Set pressure decreased 5% (PF = 0) TRIM:. Optimize voltage correction sensitivity EXC TRIP:. Set too exciting trip point.
  4. DIP: adjust the voltage / frequency scaling DWELL:. Settings to the time / frequency ratio of I / LIMIT:.. Setting the stator current output limit OVER / V: Set over voltage trip point.
  5. RAMP: Set during no-load voltage slowly rise time RMS:. Rms value of the generator set.
  6. Highlight special features / characteristics adjustment knob: VOLT: adjust the voltage STAB:. Adjustment stability UFRO:. Adjust frequency protection turning point.