The SE350 voltage regulator is an encapsulated electronic voltage regulator that controls the output of a brushless AC generator by regulating the current into the exciter field.

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Main features:
1、the regulator accuracy <± 1%
2、to select the connection line 50/60 Hz
3、with the low-frequency protection and high breaking capacity fuse protection function
4、with EMI suppression circuit
5、built-in high-power fuse blown


Sensing & Power Input: 190-240 Vac
Burden:                              500 VA
Output Power- Continuous:  73 Vdc at 3.5 Adc (255w)
Output Power – Forcing(240 Vac Input Power): 105 Vdc at 5 Adc  (525w)
Regulation:    1 .0%
Remote Voltage Adjustment Range: ± 10% with 2000 ohm rheostat
±  5% with l000 ohm rheostat

Frequency Compensation:  Adjustable
Roll off frequency:    54-61 Hz for 60 Hz
45-51 Hz for 50 Hz
Operation:                 Weight6.5 oz.
Operating Temperature:   – 40°C to + 60°C
Storage Temperature:      – 65°C to + 85°C
Power Dissipation:          8 watts maximum
Size:                                    3.94″ L X 2.66” W X 2.20: H
Voltage Buildup:         Internal provisions forautomatic voltage
build up from generator residual voltage aslow as 10 Vac.
EMI Suppression:      Internal Electromagnetic Interference
Filter (EMI Filter )